Transformation through training

Following on from the FPEF’s vision of transformation through training, the Top of the Class (TOC) and Leadership and Mentorship (L&M) Programmes are initiatives aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of employees throughout the value chain as well as empowering young leaders in the agricultural sector.

Top of the Class (TOC) is a well-known training programme for the fruit industry, initiated by the FPEF more than ten years ago. Intended for farm and pack house workers, as well as existing and emerging exporters, the TOC Programme focuses on all the elements of the fresh fruit supply chain – from harvest to home. The levels are available as follows – basic, intermediate and advanced.

The focus of the Leadership and Mentorship (L&M) Programme is to provide opportunities for employees, especially previously disadvantaged ones, to be promoted into positions of leadership. At the same time, the project aims to improve the capacity of employees who already fill leadership positions. The programme ultimately intends to change the leadership profile on South African fruit farms, pack houses and exporting companies, so it can reflect race and gender in a more equal manner.

To read more about the TOC and L&M Programme, download the information leaflet here.

FPEF Graduate Internship Programme
We are excited at the launch of this new program in 2016. The purpose is to identify and appoint high calibre black graduates and place them in 1-2 year internships in fruit export companies in junior commercial roles. The aim is to facilitate the establishment of a growing group of talented black individuals over time, employed in the commercial heart of the industry, in order to further much needed transformation.

Black Farmer Support
A nation-wide roadshow to emerging citrus producers is being planned later in 2016. The focus of the roadshow is to encourage dialogue, educate growers on their rights as growers based on the FPEF’s code of conduct and to understand what their struggles are with regard to market access